YDC Data Economics University

Frequently Asked Questions

My organization is still immature from a data management perspective and does not have a Chief Data Officer. Can we still benefit from Data Economics?

Yes, it is even more critical to focus on Data Economics in an immature organization to lay the groundwork and gain organizational buy-in for the data management program.

My organization is a Government Agency. How can Data Economics help?

The Data Economics methodology and business cases would work around your budgets for data management and IT spend. The value of open data can also be used to support data economics analysis.

My company is privately owned and does not have public financials. How would this methodology work in that case?

The Data Economics methodology and business cases would still work. You would need to estimate the market capitalization of your organization using publicly-available information such as revenues and revenue multiples.

How can I get access to YDC for evaluation purposes?

Please send an email info@yourdataconnect.com.
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